End-of-life education materials for today’s hospice professionals and the families they serve.

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When was the last time you reviewed your end-of-life education materials? Do you provide your hospice patients and their families with end-of-life educational materials to refer to in between hospice visits to reinforce your hospice professional’s teaching efforts?

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve walked your path.

We have decades of experience in the hospice industry, and we know the everyday struggle of meeting the needs of your patients while also complying with regulatory demands that continue to increase. The hospice industry is ever-changing, and the hospice concept that we all once knew and loved is now subject to increased scrutiny, reimbursement changes, and documentation requirements. This places a heavy load on all hospice professionals, from administration to front line team members. The hospice agency is under more pressure than ever before to educate the patient and family, and the CAHPS Hospice Survey Quality Initiatives are now an integral part of the every day processes of your hospice team.

Be confident that your education materials provide the information and topics that are updated and relevant to today’s hospice standards.

If you long for the days of practicing heart-based end-of-life care, you are not alone. Many hospice providers have expressed a need for a fresh, new hands-on means of addressing common questions in a cohesive and streamlined fashion among all staff, along with need to train your staff about the new requirements.

As the regulations and expectations change, be sure that your educational materials are in alignment with the needs of the patient and family, the employees, and the agency needs. Most hospice agencies do not have extra staff to write these materials because patient care comes first. If this sounds like a familiar refrain among your staff, then perhaps the time has come to take a fresh look at your patient and family education materials.

Wings of Change Publications has considered every facet of end-of-life care delivery: the sensitive needs of the patient/family, the ease of use for the hospice professional, and the compliance needs of the agency. Learn more:

Patients & Families

Knowledge, comfort, and reassurance for the patient and family. Learn more…

Hospice Teams

Tools and resources for the hospice team.
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Compliance and confidence at the agency level.
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Master the art of hospice teaching

Our goal at Wings of Change Publications is to provide you with education materials that:

  • are easy to use and refer to while teaching your hospice families
  • deliver the message in a gentle and sensitive manner
  • help you comply with hospice quality initiatives by which family members evaluate hospice
  • address end-of-life physical, emotional, psychosocial and psychospiritual needs of today’s hospice patient and family
  • allows all disciplines to teach from and refer to the same materials for a cohesive message from the team
  • provides a sense of confidence that all team members are giving the same message to the patient and family, meeting new requirements while retaining the heart of hospice

Questions? Feedback?

We are committed to helping you get the resources and information on our booklet series that you need.

“When I began caring for my mom, I struggled with so many feelings and emotions.  I felt like I was crumbling, and the fact that I didn’t know what to expect was causing me so much stress.  The hospice social worker gave us the Nature Gave Us Butterflies booklet, and my whole world changed.  I was able to use the suggestions about communicating with my mom, and I will forever be grateful for the conversations we had after I read the booklet and gave my mom and myself the permission to discuss the issues that we needed to discuss.  I am keeping this booklet to share with others who will go through the same emotions that I did.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have that booklet!”


daughter of hospice patient