About Us

Rebecca Wallace, Author

Wings of Change Publications was launched in 2013 to assist healthcare and hospice professionals in companioning those who are grieving, care giving and struggling with life transitions. Our dream was to create publications that address grief and transitions of all kinds, including end-of-life care.

The founder, Rebecca Wallace Garzon, followed her professional passions by working in hospice and palliative care, and felt called to write about the dying process and related issues in a soft, compassionate and inviting manner.  Her early professional years focused on working with clients experiencing trauma, grief and complications from chronic illness.  Her hospice years made her painfully aware of the gaps in resources for professionals working with the terminally ill.  She saw first-hand the results of a well-informed and supported hospice patient and family, and how knowing what to expect in a very difficult life transition can transform the death experience for all involved.   

Rebecca started to see trends in how anticipatory grief and anxiety impacted caregiver confidence, as well as the anxiety, pain and other symptom management for hospice and palliative care patients. She longed for educational booklets that had good information to leave with the patients and their families, for them to refer to in between our visits. She wanted resources that delivered the information in a gentle and compassionate manner to family members at a time in their lives when information is difficult to retain.  

And . . . it just wasn’t out there.  Like most professionals, life happens and the project was set aside while she continued to work in hospice and be with her own family members during their life transitions, from birth to death. She spent years writing smaller publications for her own hospice organization, but knew that what was needed was time and space to realize the dream of writing these education materials that had the potential to help when people need it most.  

Recognizing that writing a book and working full time in hospice was all-encompassing, and having learned that life can be very short, Rebecca decided it was time to take a chance on writing the book whose idea was very alive in her mind,which would eventually go on to serve those who companion those who are dying, grieving, or experiencing a life transition.

Our booklets and grief materials are designed with both the professional and the client in mind. As you begin to use our resources to educate your clients, you will feel the care, passion and compassion that are infused in these pages. Using our materials allows you to provide healthcare and hospice services the way that it’s meant to be, what we used to call, “the right way to do hospice.”  

As a privately owned, founder-led company, we are able to nurture the relationships that we develop with our clients and remain responsive to their needs. We are true to our mission – embracing life’s transitions through the written word – because conveying empathy and compassion is the transforming resource by which healing occurs.

As your patient or client’s healing process begins, be sure to share their stories here with us. You co-create the healing process, in your own way as a professional, or as a patient or client. We simply provide the platform where healing conversations begin. 


Through our publications, it will always be our honor to be with you at the bedside.